Tailwater Capital

10 Women on Both Sides of the Fundraising Negotiating Table

Lindsay Grider, Head of Investor Relations at Tailwater Capital

Lindsay Grider is the first person to oversee investor relations and fundraising at energy-focused Tailwater Capital. Since mid-2018, the year she joined the firm, it has raised about $2.1 billion across two funds during a difficult period for energy-focused fundraising. Ms. Grider said the secret to being effective at her job is simple: be a good listener. “I listen to what my team is saying about what the best opportunities are, and I listen to our investors about what they’re most interested in,” she said. “I love being the connection between investors and our team.” Ms. Grider, who previously worked at NGP Energy Capital Management, also supports women in the energy industry by dedicating time to organizations such as the Women’s Energy Network. She has advice for female professionals looking to build a career in the industry or private equity. “You have to have confidence and be able to get your foot in the door,” she said. “Once you get the door open, people are going to want to see you grow.”

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