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About Us

Tailwater Capital is a growth-oriented, middle market private equity firm with a diversified presence that informs differentiated investments throughout the energy industry.

Expertise and Integrity - Our Co-Founders
Jason Downie
Edward Herring
Jason Downie and Edward Herring
have worked together for more than two decades, investing $2.6 billion through four distinct commodity price cycles. In this time, they have learned the value of specialization, being in the flow of the energy value chain and moving with dexterity to identify and capitalize on emerging trends.
In 2013, Jason and Edward founded Tailwater Capital to focus their private equity expertise on investments across the upstream and midstream sectors. As nearly career-long partners, they have instilled in the firm a spirit of partnership, entrepreneurship, and confidence. They understand that being committed to a sector means long-term personal relationships and investment for mutual success.
What Defines a Tailwater Investment?
Target investment characteristics
Platforms across the energy value chain

Investment theses that build on proprietary knowledge from these diversified positions

Lower middle market; smaller, less competitive transactions where relationships are key

Portfolio company partners with significant basin and operating experience to position for growth

Strong thematic and compensatory alignment with management teams

Rigorous underwriting and conservative use of leverage to withstand cyclicality

Balanced portfolio construction, both by hydrocarbon and basin exposure

Shared culture of respect, trust, and loyalty

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With significant transactional and operational experience, Tailwater consistently helps us position our company for success in a dynamic market.
Patrick Barley
CEO of Silver Creek Midstream