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New Frontier Markets to Launch Blockchain Enabled Carbon Credit Platform

DALLAS, July 12, 2022 – New Frontier Markets (“NFM”), a technology company dedicated to enabling access to the new low-carbon economy, today announced the launch of its proprietary blockchain marketplace for voluntary carbon offset credits. The platform is expected to become broadly available in the fourth quarter of 2022.

NFM’s platform leverages a specialized private blockchain that will allow customers to buy, sell and trade carbon credits through a highly streamlined and efficient process. The marketplace has been designed in collaboration with Unicsoft, a leading blockchain technology developer. With the voluntary global decarbonization market expected to reach as much as $100 billion by 2030, NFM’s disintermediated exchange platform will increase both cost efficiency and transparency across the industry.

“As both project developers and investors within the emerging green energy economy, we understand the important role voluntary carbon offsets play in the viability of any project across the energy and renewables sector,” said Steven Lowenthal, President of NFM. “With the support of our partners at Unicsoft, we have created a platform that will provide developers with an efficient way to raise project capital and enable investors to actively choose which carbon offset projects they would like to support.”

NFM is committed to reducing transaction costs and centralizing carbon credit trading on a superior, scaled platform, providing customers with the ability to directly support sustainable projects and initiatives worldwide. By facilitating the sale of live and unretired credits monetized within the NFM marketplace, the exchange will provide retail and institutional investors with invaluable tools for efficiently investing in green infrastructure. The NFM marketplace will be built on the Cosmos network, benefiting from a near negligible carbon footprint and allowing for sustainable growth as the market expands.

In connection with the launch of the platform, NFM also announced that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with Johnson Rice & Company L.L.C. (“Johnson Rice”). The MOU will allow NFM to leverage Johnson Rice’s energy transition and capital markets expertise, as well as its underwriting capabilities and securities trading platform, to explore long-term opportunities in the carbon markets and expand the universe of potential investors on the platform.

Mr. Lowenthal added: “Johnson Rice provides unique expertise and deep relationships within the energy markets, and we are confident that this partnership will create numerous long-term opportunities as we expand and develop innovative solutions in the high-quality carbon offset credit marketplace.”

“At Johnson Rice, we could not be more excited about leveraging our 35 years of relationships in energy to partner with and support the launch of NFM in pursuit of a shared vision to bring together large-scale supply and demand for carbon credits,” said Joseph Seremet, Partner at Johnson Rice. “This platform is a key step to creating a more transparent, liquid and efficient marketplace for carbon offsets globally, while accelerating the timeline to a net-zero reality. Our early-stage equity capital markets expertise is perfectly suited for articulating the unique attributes of carbon credit projects that we think will result in superior execution and efficient price discovery for project developers using the NFM platform.”

NFM is backed by Tailwater Capital, a private equity firm that takes a full immersion approach to investing in energy and growth infrastructure solutions.

About New Frontier Markets

NFM is an energy technology company focused on developing blockchain and web-based applications for the carbon and commodity markets. By leveraging our team’s extensive markets, energy trading, and
project development backgrounds, NFM’s products are uniquely positioned to bring value for investors
and project developers alike. For more information, please visit www.nfm.exchange.

About Johnson Rice

Founded in 1987, Johnson Rice is the oldest independent energy investment bank in the United States.
Johnson Rice operates a leading energy capital markets and advisory platform with a focus on providing
the highest quality institutional energy research and advice to its clients.

About Tailwater Capital LLC

Dallas-based Tailwater Capital is a growth-oriented energy and growth infrastructure private equity firm
with a well-established track record of working constructively with proven management teams to deliver
value-added solutions. Tailwater has raised more than $3.7 billion in committed capital since inception
and the team has executed more than 100 transactions representing over $22 billion in value. For more
information, please visit www.tailwatercapital.com.

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